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When you are dealing with sensitive family law issues, such as divorce or child custody, you will more than likely find numerous lawyers who are competent to handle your legal issues. However, at the Law Office of Sheila C. Harrington, we take the time to fully comprehend the human aspects of each family law case. We understand that your case does not just involve legal documents. It represents the fundamental aspects of your life, your well-being, and your ability to move into the future.

We provide compassionate yet aggressive family law representation tailored to meet your exact needs. Located in Groton, Massachusetts, we represent clients throughout central Massachusetts, including Middlesex, and Worcester counties. Contact us by e-mail or call (978)448-9601 to schedule a consultation.

You can trust our ability to handle your pressing legal issues, including:

  • Divorce: The many issues that must be decided in divorce can present heightened emotions and heightened conflict. Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, decisions made will affect how each party moves forward. Important issues in a divorce may include reviewing how a prenuptial agreement dictates the division of property, discussing custody options, presenting or defending allegations of abuse, and considering factors to determine how much alimony/spousal support should be awarded.
  • Child custody and visitation: Child custody concerns generally cause the most anxiety in a divorce. Naturally, parents are worried about how their personal relationship with their child will survive the divorce. In most situations, it is best for the parents to negotiate a mutually acceptable child custody and visitation arrangement (usually some form of shared legal and physical custody). However, when custody is disputed, the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to perform an investigation and provide the court with an evaluation of their findings. This evaluation is then taken into account by the court when determining child custody and visitation.
  • Paternity: When a child is born to married parents, the husband is presumed to be the natural father of the child (whether or not this is true). In divorce, the father may request a paternity test, particularly if the divorce was brought about by an extramarital affair. When a child is born to unmarried parents, a paternity action may be necessary to establish child support obligations or fathers’ rights, such as the right to visitation or custody.
  • Modification or enforcement of a court order: There will inevitably come a time when the existing custody arrangement, visitation schedule or child support order no longer suits the changing needs of your family. Whether you want to arrange for more parenting time, request an increase or decrease in child support, need to relocate for your job, or want to pursue a contempt action for failure to comply with a court order, we have the skills to assist you. Our services include modification and enforcementof existing child custody, visitation and support orders.
  • Family Mediation: Mediation of divorce and other family law issues often provides solutions that allow everyone to “win.” Rather than passing a decision to a judge, mediation allows you to maintain control of the decision making process. Mediation also saves you time, money and additional stress.

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